The 14th of July 2017

The 14th of July's, or the Bastille Day celebration commemorates every year the famous storming of the Bastille by militant Parisian workers on the morning of July 14, 1789 marking the end of the tyranny of the Bourbon monarchs.

The festivities of the 14th of July's include the traditional military parade on the Champs-Elysées (Army corps, military officials, brigades, constabulary…) attended by millions of audiences faithful to the most revolutionary day in Paris. Successive Presidents of the Fifth Republic have modified the day's events.

Spectacles, easygoing dancing, fireworks displays all over France are planned after the military parade and add to the popularity of the 14th of July as a national celebration.

The storming of the Bastille has been commemorated in France for more than a century.

The 14th of July is a legal and remunerated day off for French employees.