Story of the 14th of July

The Story of the 14th of July began upon the defeat of the ancient regime and the storming of the Bastille in 1789.

During one summer, French generals and deputies met in Versailles to discuss the institution of a state constitution as a new governmental document. However, the King opposed the project.

The 13th of July, royal troops on the Champs de Mars and at the gates of Paris arrested the deputies. After what, a committee "Insurrectional Municipality" which later became "Royal Municipality" was founded in order to intercept them.

On the morning 14th July, rebels seized weapons from the Armory of the Invalids. Rioters descended on the Bastille and fought 82 Invalids and 32 Swiss soldiers. Shortly, they stormed the fortress.

A few hours later, French royal guards participated to the action and helped riots triumph laying two guns on the fortress. Swiss soldiers were captivated and the Marquis De Launay was decapitated. Prisoners of the Bastille were freed.

Today, the 14th July is a national holiday in France celebrating the fall of the monarchy's tyranny and the huge victory of the French revolution.

The Fête de la Fédération represents the reconciliation between the French ancient regime and the Republic.